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Client Testimonials

The Law Office of Steven R. Olsen, PLLC represents independent inventors and businesses. Attorney Olsen prepared, filed, and/or prosecuted patent applications or provided related services for each of the clients listed below, and takes great pride in their satisfaction with the process. None of these former or existing clients was compensated — either directly or indirectly — for their comments.

Additional recommendations from clients and former colleagues can also be viewed on Mr. Olsen’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patentattorneyflorida/.

“Steve is highly recommended”; “[he is] honest, forthright in his timely communication & most knowledgeable in his profession.” T.R. & D.R., Floral City, FL.

“Steve Olsen is one of the sharpest, most knowledgeable people we ever met. Steve is also very personable and takes the time to explain how the entire [patenting] process works and what options might be available. He kept us up to date and always in the loop. Steve’s rates are very fair and never inflated. The Law Office of Steven R. Olsen, PLLC deserves a 5 Star rating across the board!” G.H. & B.H., Dunnellon, FL.

“It was a worthwhile experience working with Steve Olsen. His ability to understand an item’s purpose and to present the item in text and patent format was vital to the project. Steve was always on top of the game and the end result was a patent issued. If I have another item I will without delay contact Steve.” D.M., The Villages, FL.

Mr. Olsen provided numerous updates throughout the application process, and was never more than a telephone call away for my many questions. [He] delivered twice as much as ever expected, at an exceptionally competitive price. I would highly recommend Mr. Olsen for any patent matters.J.B., Pine Ridge, FL.

I highly recommend the Law Offices of Steven R. Olsen PLLC. I am very grateful for Mr. Olsen’s assistance in finding an economical solution without hidden fees. I was kept up-to-date on the process and notified as soon as my product was patent pending. M.M., Orland Park, IL.

It was apparent at my initial meeting with Mr. Olsen at a local coffee shop that he got it! His background as both Engineer and Patent Attorney were clearly apparent throughout the prior art search and patent application drafting processes. He quickly understood the technical features of my software-related invention, provided frequent progress reports, and managed the project with clearly-defined deliverables. The end product was one of the cleanest patent applications I have ever seen. His services were truly invaluable. E.B., Tampa, FL.

“We are so glad to have found the right legal partner for presenting our Patent in the USA.  As a company based in Spain it is not easy to find someone to assist you in presenting the delicate information concerning a patent.  Steven communicated very well with us, was punctual with all his deadlines, set out a clear working path and provided great feed back, with follow up information by email as well.  Prior to contacting Steven we had tried a number of offices in the USA but with the time difference and the request for information by email nobody provided us with the confidence and dedication that Steven gave us.  A number of law firms required a long waiting time due to their work load, while other smaller firms and lawyers where not as thorough in their analysis. Steve carried out for us a Patent Search and a US Patent provisional application and we will continue to use his services in the future for other intellectual property filings.  A person with great know how on patents and software related items. Muchas gracias por todo muy recomendado.” J.K., Barcelona Spain.

“[We] love the idea that we pay for blocks of work done vs. hourly [fees]!” J.P. & C.P., Crystal River, FL.

I want to thank you for your [patent prosecution] services. As you know, I came to you after I became uncomfortable with the progress being made by [the patent agent] I had hired. I have been very satisfied with the frequency of your communication, your technical skills, and the legal insight you provided.  I also found your fee structure to be easier to deal with as it was based on units of work. In addition to the professional relationship, I have enjoyed your personal touch throughout this process.  D.R., Savannah, GA

[Mr. Olsen] communicated with us often and his technical and legal competence was awesome. His total fee was worth every cent; we would recommend him to anyone needing a patent filed. D.T. & L.T., The Villages, FL.

A patent application with Steve is definitely not the paperwork nightmare that you might imagine”…”The fixed price offer he made was very professional and included a set of milestones at each of which I had the choice of discontinuing the process. As we are located on different continents, we communicated via emails and telephone conversations – which went really well. Steve got up to speed quickly with not only a complex software application but also the art of banana growing!”…”Steve will definitely be the first to hear about the next big idea I have! S.M., Frankfurt, Germany.

I highly recommend Mr. Olsen. He went above and beyond on every step of the patent process. With competitive block pricing, great communication and flexible availability you can’t get any better! D.G., Inverness, FL.

When I was looking for a patent attorney, I had a lot of questions about what kind of service was I hiring. Then I found the Law Office of Steven R. Olsen PLLC web site. The first [thing] I liked is that I could ask him about the different services and the scope of each one. For my convenience, Steve R. Olsen offered a fixed fee service – there were no hidden fees or any other surprises. I decided on a Patentability Search. Steve kept me up to date through email about the [status] of my search and it took no longer than he promised. The report was very clear because he explained the scope, search methodology and the results.  I would definitely recommend the Law Office of Steven R. Olsen PLLC for patent services.”C.S., Barranquilla, Columbia

Cuando estuve buscando un abogado de patentes, tenía muchas preguntas acerca de que clase de servicio estaba buscando. Entonces encontré el web site de la Oficina de Steven R. Olsen PLLC. Lo primero que me gustó, es que pude preguntar acerca de los diferentes servicios ofrecidos y de sus alcances. Para mi conveniencia, Steven R. Olsen ofrece un servicio de precio fijo, así que no había precios escondidos o cualquier otra sorpresa. Decidí contratar el servicio de búsqueda de patentabilidad. Steve me mantuvo actualizado a través de email acerca de la evolución de mi búsqueda y no demoró más de lo que él había prometido. El report final fue muy claro y en este explicaba el alcance, metodologías de búsqueda y los resultados.  Definitivamente recomiendo la Oficina de Steven R. Olsen PLLC para procesos de patentes.  C.S., Barranquilla, Columbia

“[Mr. Olsen’s] competence, legal savvy and overall professional manner [was] just what we needed.” “He made [preparing a patent application for our company] seem easy.” “[He provided] a good value as well.” J.J. & M.L., Odessa & Plant City, FL.

“Thank you for your guidance and expertise in bringing my patent to fruition.  The timely manner you addressed all concerns along with a fixed fee instead of hourly charges gave me much comfort as we went through the process.  It was indeed a pleasure working with you and I will use you again.”  G.G., Detroit Michigan.

When I began searching for a Patent Attorney, I felt somewhat helpless. Opening up the yellow pages and just blindly picking one is patently silly. Do I select the one that is closer to me, the one with the biggest ad space or the one with the nice sounding name. What do you do?? Well, I suppose I just got lucky. Mr. Olsen is a diamond not necessarily in the rough. I could not have asked for a more professional approach for our project. He has a wealth of legal, Patent and engineering experience, he is deliberate and concise and pleasant to work with. We met and communicated often in person and via email, all very much to my satisfaction. I am happy to recommend Steve as he did a great job for us, quickly understanding all the operational aspects of our invention. I would not hesitate a second to recommend Mr. Steven Olsen to anyone looking for a Patent Attorney.  J.F., Hernando, FL

“My appreciation of you not rushing to file, patience in explaining the unique ‘legaleze’ of patent writing and taking the time to actually understand the process and objectives of my invention is real. For that I am truly grateful!” P.S., Lutz, FL